according to recent media reports, the Union ministry of finance is set to notify a list of infrastructure facilities eligible for tax concessions. The concessions may be extended to the hospitality

Warehousing Bill, a double edged sword for farmers

FM focuses on political environment

In 2003, 10 of the largest commercial banks in the world agreed to the so-called Equator Principles: a set of policies for financial institutions to determine, assess and manage environmental and social risks in project finance. By 2005 end, 37 of the world's largest private financial institutions signed it. The principles' overall framework is based on environmental and social safeguard policies, pollution standards and environmental and social risk categorisation system.

Government juggles with data to rehash Northeast India s industrial policy

Centre keen on implementing Vaidyanathan committee report

Bully's immunity: Bangladesh is witnessing a nationwide protest against the government's move to allow blanket immunity to the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The

Debt laden Maharashtra farmers choose to die

Following a national anti-smoking drive, the Malaysian government has decided to give US $2.76 million as interest-free loans and grants to help its nearly 100,000 citizens dependent on tobacco

The UPA government s first full fledged budget is full of promises. How real are they?