The World Summit on Sustainable Development wssd is over. The best thing about it is that it could have been much worse. As I write this with regret and bitterness about the idealism of times gone

A Bangalore slum experiments with ecofriendly toilets

The Brazilian government will provide about us $2 million to support research in areas such as therapeutic cloning, which involves using cells and tissues from cloned human embryos to replace

A us $108.8 million global fund has been raised to tackle environmental problems and nuclear waste in northwest Russia. At a recent conference in Brussels, the European Commission pledged us

Andhra government mulls draconian laws on rainwater harvesting

Indonesia's tropical forests are fast dwindling, courtesy rampant illegal logging. Taking stock of the situation, the country has now imposed a permanent ban on log exports. In October 2001, a joint

Even as tribal communities anti Koel Karo agitation continues, there is confusion in official circles about the current status of the project

The Supreme Court gave a green light to the Rs 250-crore Ganga Action Plan (GAP) Phase II. The project, which was held up due to stay orders from courts, will be resumed after a long gap. Uttar

Court orders salaries for Valmiki Tiger Reserve staff

there is no money to conduct an elephant census in Meghalaya. Faced with frequent human-pachyderm conflicts, the state forest department had planned an elephant census last month as part of its