This article aims to look at the determinative factors and conditions of private participation in the wind sector in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala which will be guided by the following approaches from political sciences and (relational) economic geography.

>> E-bay, the world's largest online auctioneer, has launched a website that allows people to invest in loans that lift people out of poverty. The website, called MicroPlace, acts as a broker between

One doesn't usually associate medical and scientific journals with anti-poverty campaigns. But more than 200 such journals from 34 nations ran simultaneous articles on a range of poverty and

This is the autobiography of a man whose job was to entice leaders of underdeveloped countries. In the 1970s John Perkins was an economic hit man, among those highly paid professionals who cheat

Sri Lanka has raised taxes on a range of goods and services to meet its war expenses. Coming ahead the country's budget due in early November, the move is a stopgap measure to raise around Sri Lankan Rs 10 billion (US $88 million) to finance the country's renewed war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) and to stabilise its economy.

"Why shouldn't salt-making be classed as agriculture?' asks R Potharaju. "Both require land, water and sunshine, and are subject to vagaries of nature,' he reasons. Potharaju is convenor of the

French multinational Lafarge's limestone quarries in Meghalaya, which supply raw material to its cement plant across the border in Bangladesh have been shut down by the government. This comes

>> Sicko, Produced and directed by Michael Moore, 125 minutes, USA Michael Moore has penchant for turning polemics into cinema. And good cinema at that. His first film, Roger and

A review of the implementation of the Asian Development Banks (adbs) water policy and water supply and sanitation (wss) projects in India has exposed its failings. In 2005, adb funded WaterAid,

Every year, the World Bank channels about US $18-20 billion to developing countries in the form of loans and grants with the ostensible aim of reducing poverty and promoting economic growth. The bank