Fisheries sector, which was one of major occupation and industry in the region is slowly dying a silent death due to negligence of the Government. There are more than 450 families engaged in this business on full time basis and there are many more families who have migrated to the region to engage in the business.

Minister for Fisheries Joaquim Alemao has stated that the government has decided to increase the length of Malim fish jetty by 50 metres at a cost of Rs 3.65 crore.

The global economic crisis has affected the seafood industries in the State as a result shrimp farmers of the coastal belt are in a dilemma whether to take up shrimp cultivation or not this year due to fall in prices of shrimp in international market.

Sanjeev Ramchandran / Kochi October 31, 2008, 0:47 IST

Coastal Development Corporation to build the new ones
There are 9 fishing harbours now, work on for 6 more
25 fish-landing centres are also to be built

KOCHI: The proposed Coastal Development Corporation will build 11 fishing harbours along the State

Business Standard / New Delhi August 22, 2008, 0:02 IST

Karimnagar, July 13: The fisheries department has stocked a total of 56.97 lakh of advanced quality fingerlings of major carp variety at a cost of Rs 17.69 lakhs in the LMD reservoir in the town as part of reservoir fishery development programme to benefit about 1,100 fishermen families. A small quantity of 3.07 lakh fish seed was also stocked in the Upper Manair Dam reservoir in Sircilla division in the current year. However, the department is presently enforcing a two months ban on fishing in the two reservoir in view of the breeding season. The ban will be lifted in August.

The shrimp farmers in the country, especially in Andhra Pradesh, should not cultivate, or culture P. Monodon alone as there is a shift in the international market, and they should take up culture of L.Vannamei as well on a large scale, according to Mr L. Sa-tyanarayana, the President of the All-India Shrimp Hatcheries' Association (AISHA). He was addressing a press conference here on Monday.

Despite fish being a favourite dish among the people of Asom the annual production is around 1.75 lakh tonnes only against the total requirement of 2.95 lakh tonnes. Moreover, a lion share of the local fish have dried up, thereby creating a lacuna in supply and demand and compelling the State to get imported fish supply from Andhra Pradesh and other States.