BHUBANESWAR: If all the power plants proposed in Orissa materialise, the huge capacity addition in energy generation would have brought about a bigger problem of ash.

With the State leaving no power generation option unexplored, it could well find itself in a tricky situation.

BHAWANIPATNA: Fly ash, red mud and lime grit are some of the wastes generated by alumina refineries and if not properly disposed of, these may cause health hazards. But the enterprising have the Midas touch. Many ancillary units have come up in the district which are thriving on these wastes. They use the wastes as material.

Moving over from conventional methods, the brick manufacturers of Saurashtra and Kutch are preparing to tune into new technology.

M/s Vinayak Bricks introduces itself as the pioneer state of the Art of Manufacturer of Fly Ash Brick in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is supplement common burnt clay building brick leading to conservation of National Resources Improvement in Environment Quality.

GUWAHATI, Sept 13: Fly ash bricks, said to be eco-friendly and non-polluting, are set to bring the people of Assam a much-needed respite from the pollution caused by the brick kilns that produce traditional red bricks.

At a time when several States, including West Bengal, has imposed a ban on the traditional brick kilns that produce red bricks, RN Industries is making a new brand of brick calle

Dhanbad, July 18: After presenting an action plan for pollution control in Dhanbad last week, members of the expert panel are now working overnight to prepare a revised blueprint.

The revised plan is being prepared according to the suggestions of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). It will be submitted by the end of this month.


Generated in thermal power plants at Ennore, North Chennai, Mettur and Tuticorin

DISMISSING reports about losses incurred by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) in the sale of fly ash from the four thermal power stations in the State, Law Minister Duraimurugan on Tuesday said that, indeed, the government had increased the revenue through the sale of fly ash during the past few years.

An advocate of natural farming methods for more than a decade, Kanchipuram-based Gandhi Gopalakrishnan was shocked to see lush mango farmland turning infertile by the dumping of rice husk ash (RHA). "The farmers are deceived by claims that RHA helps the fertility of the soil, when the contrary is true," he says.