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The Delhi high court has asked the Union and state government departments to submit their plans on the use of fly ash bricks to the environment ministry. Fly ash bricks ensure that the pollutant is

The Delhi high court has asked the ministry of environment, Central Pollution Control Board and other concerned departments to reply to a petition filed against dumping of fly ash in the capital. The

International Development Enterprises, an international non-profit organisation, has developed a small-scale irrigation system for small and marginal farmers in developing countries, where irrigation

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Flyash, produced in millions of tonnes as a waste by thermal power plants can serve as an excellent soil conditioner, studies at the Central Research Institute, Dhanbad, Bihar, show. The studies

Burgeoning flyash dumps in Kolaghat spread silicosis

Worried at the growing mountain of flyash being produced by the 70 thermal power stations across the country, the ministries of power, environment and science and technology of the Indian

Union minister of state for power P V Rangaiah Naidu has said that his ministry is considering the setting up of a National Ash Utilisation and Marketing Corp to promote utilisation of fly-ash from