Government must facilitate, not control The experiences of Sukhomajri and Bunga have a lesson: given the right conditions, external and internal, villages can be self-sustaining. But their inherent

compensating people for conservation is happening at a regional scale. Local residents of Jamestown in Rhode Island, us, are paying farmers to delay haying their fields until after birds have

on may 9, 2007, the department of Animal Husbandry of Andhra Pradesh said cattle deaths reported from a few parts in the state could have been caused by toxics from Bt cotton. The department

Sua Nath is usually an amiable farmer. But ask him about mining in his village, Bagjana, and he flares up. Nath is among those who have taken it upon themselves to protect this village in

Some innovations change lives. A favourite of mine is the village milk collection system, a cooperative model. There s a dairy in the village, people bring in milk, the dairy in

Switzerland's agriculture ministry has warned the country's farmers that it will prosecute them unless they stop feeding their cattle cannabis. The move follows several recent advertisements

This monsoon, the Raikas, traditional camel breeders in the Kumbalgarh Wild Life Sanctuary in Rajasthan's Pali district, will face an existential crisis again. It will be the third successive season that the pastoral community will have been banned from grazing their camels in Kumbalgarh.

Forest commission fails to innovate

Traditional water harvesters recount their success stories

Barawa village, Rajsamand district, Rajasthan