JAIPUR: With the implementation of the Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act 2006 in the state from Friday, a penalty of up to Rs 10 lakh would be imposed for distribution or sale unhygienic and adulterated food.

The state government is the process of establishing a tribunal and special courts to deal with cases pertaining to food adulteration.

You may land in jail if you are caught selling adulterated food from Friday, with the Food Safety Standards Act coming into effect.

The Delhi government is likely to enforce this month a new legislation that provides for a jail term and heavy penalties for vendors who provide substandard or adulterated food products.

New Delhi: The Central and state governments on Wednesday informed the Delhi High Court that tests ordered by them on vegetables showed permissible levels of pesticides in them.

New Delhi: Energy drinks being sold in India have dangerous levels of caffeine, NGO Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has said after conducting lab tests in which 44% of their samples failed the maximum permissible limits as prescribed by the government.

CSE carried out tests on leading

Demonstrators from a human chain on Friday called for taking stern action against the business of adulterated and poisonous foods that were sickening and killing innocent consumers.

Business in chemically poisoned foods and fruits has not stopped despite anti-adulteration drives of the government, the demonstrators alleged.

The human chain was organised by Save the Environment Movement in fr

'Doodh Ka Doodh Pani Ka Pani Abhiyan' is being conducted by Bhopal Cooperative Dairy Federation with a view to making consumers aware of adulteration in milk.

This may not be good news for the Mango lovers. The chemical calcium caribide used for ripening of the king of fruits is carcinogenic and thus the final product is cancerous.

In view of reports of presence of antibiotics in honey which threatens to induce resistance to life-saving drugs, the country's food watchdog has alerted its officials and States to keep a check on the quality of products in the local market as also those being imported in the country.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) CEO VN Gaur said, "As antibiotics are not allowed in honey