AMC is setting up a Rs 1.25-crore health lab to crack down on food adulteration and check the...
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Awareness Programme For Consumers On Cards
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Ahmedabad: The month-long raids conducted by health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) at food establishments during Diwali have been an eye opener for the civic body. Samples of maida, cow milk, khoya, ghee, curd, chilly powder, jam and pulses, among others failed to meet the stipulated standards.

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CHENNAI: The increased import of duplicate electronic goods, fake cosmetic products, hazardous toys, duplicate two-wheeler spare parts, mobile phone accessories and adulterated food products is causing concern among Customs officials.

But none is more worrying than adulterated food products that cause harm to those who consume them.

Anand/Vadodara: Ever wondered why the chilly that you purchase is brighter than that collected from farms or gourd unexpectedly longer than those plucked by farmers?

Nandini Chandrashekar,

A petroleum firm launched that campaign some time ago to reassure the consumer that the product had absolutely no adulteration. Consumers wish every product sold in the market carry that tag. For, they are at the mercy of adulterated stuff day in and day out.

THANKS to some mindless frenzy whipped up by the media, we are terribly concerned about swine flu, because deaths in double digits have been recorded in a country of a billion people. One wonders why the press has never been even mildly vociferous about the pathetic hygiene standards of our food vendors, restaurants and dhabasin the country.

The government will soon appoint a Commissioner of Food Safety and a Food Safety Appellate Tribunal to check adulteration of food items and medicines. This was stated by Health Minister Rajiv Bindal while replying to the issue of adulteration in food items and medicines, raised by Kuldeep Pathania of the Congress under Rule 63 in the Assembly today.

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Food adulteration, which is the act of intentionally debasing the quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient, is something that has been rampant in our country. This is so despite the existence of stringent laws against the malpractice.

In a major step toward an overhaul of the nation