While the fare at the Rome Food Summit was aimed mainly to help tummy trimming of ambitious plans drawn up earlier, the general feeling of the observer bordered around caution

if predictions of a recent study are to be believed, India is facing widespread famine. According to the report, In the Famine Trap, overpopulation, degradation of arable land and India's

Ninety per cent of the world's most important food crops are threa

MORE than 100 representatives Of NGOS from 20 Asian and Pacific countries predicted a gloomy future for Asian food stocks, when they recently held a two- day meeting in Bangkok to draft a

Rice producing areas across Asia have been hit by huge floods in early October. Thailand, one of the world's top growers and rice exporters has been hard hit with as much as 10 per cent of the

A downturn in rice production has caused a scare in Indonesia. As the country celebFates the 50th anniversary of its independence, a prolonged drought and a marauding pest called the 'brown

Genetically engineered food produced from crops which will not rot will now be savoured by the British. Zeneca Group Plc has just received a green signal from the UK to launch cans of

THE RECENT floods that engulfed more than two-thirds of Bangladesh killed more than 500 people and destroyed one million tonnes of foodgrains, resulting in a loss of $175 million to the government.

A country where millions have died of starvation can now hope to achieve self sufficiency in food, with the UN predicting record harvests of pulses and cereals.

The hybridisation of tur dal has made it higher yielding and less vulnerable to disease. But only rich farmers will be able to buy the seeds.