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Archaic forest laws will only produce more Veerappans

A review of the works under the World Food Programme in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh would be done following an inspection by Mr JJ Gracy, the Assistant Executive Director of the programme. The

the European Union (eu) has supported the compulsory labelling of genetically-modified (gm) ingredients that contain even more than one per cent of gm organisms. But experts

'Food Aid Reduces Poverty' published in Dhaka provided an insight into the specific value of food assistance as a tool to promote people oriented development for improving household food security in

Direct food aid once reaches a rural Bangladesh household is most likely to be taken care of by a female, whereas additional cash will be certainly managed by a male. Food aid thus has the

AN ACTION plan has been prepared for imposing controls on the European Union's (EU) food market. The European Commission (EC) has decided to set up a food and veterinary office (FVO) in Ireland.

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) organised the Third Agricultural Science Congress in collaboration with the Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana, Punjab, on March 12. The

RELEASED at the Food Summit in Rome in November 1996, the book presents a disturbing account of India's agricultural production status and mismanagement of resources by the government. The book,

The beleaguered people of Central Africa are in for more

An Ordinance to provide for the better control of the manufacture and sale of food for human consumption.