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If India wants total food security, farming must be remunerative. Developing channels for farmers to sell wherever they get the best price is key


Second deluge

eu dumping rules: On June 12, European Union (EU) laid down rules to check illegal dumping of hazardous materials in developing countries. An update of 1993 EU regulations, the new rules require

Is our ice cream natural or synthetic? The 2005 Export-Import Bank of India (exim bank) study on vanilla and its potential in India says that labelling laws for ice cream can create a viable

the central government's food assistance schemes haven't worked. The 61st round of the National Sample Survey Organisation (nsso) report on Public Distribution System and Other Sources of

India's Targeted Public Distribution System (tpds) gives subsidised essential commodities to economically weaker households. Till 1997, the system had supplied subsidised commodities to

Chilean scientists recently identified fossils of whales believed to have died around five million years ago. The fossils were discovered a month back by some teenagers while on a field trip near Los

There was a time when it was said that the Indian budget was a gamble on the monsoons.

Some farmers in China are taking advantage of confusing rules to falsely label food