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Despite being more expensive than conventionally grown crops, there is a growing preference for organic

The coffee output

japanese traders have recently bought corn and soybeans grown exclusively from non-genetically modified (gm) seeds, at premiums roughly 40-50 per cent higher than those for mixed gm

Germany is swamped in a controversy about a study which says sustainable development can be achieved only when the consumption of resources is reduced and relations between the North and the South are more equitable

A little over five years after the passage of a series of sweeping legislation that paved the way for private and foreign participation on hydropower development, the Nepal government is now taking

Zimbabwe s urban farmers are finally being seen as answers to its development ills

a number of international organisations are working towards beefing up food security by creating awareness among consumers. "All future agricultural research, policies and trade opportunities must

Agriculture and its subsequent effect on the environment, rapidly depleting natural resources like arable land and water, the slackening of the green revolution and the loomingprospect offeeding India's growing population have been the subject of in

A 2.33 millioan-year-old human jaw was discovered late last year on a barren slope at Hadar in northern Ethiopia. An international team of American, Ethiopian and Israeli scientists which found

An Ordinance to provide for the establishment of an Institution for standardisation, testing, metrology, quality control, grading and marking of goods.