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10th climate change meet shows how weak the will to combat global warming has become

The Common Minimum Programme of the United Progressive Alliance lets go of the opportunity to present a bold new vision to conserve the environment through sustainable development.

India publishes its first report on impacts of climate change

The right-to-food campaign gets a fillip with the Common Minimum Programme of the new government incorporating far-reaching commitments on food security and the evolving constitutional doctrine tha

New atlas analyses current patterns and serves up lasting solutions

Island states feel isolated

A closer knit South Asian community is not beyond the realms of possibility now. At the 12th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation summit in Islamabad from January 4 6, leaders of the region took some of the boldest steps ever since the groupin

US policy limits agricultural yield of poor nations

A briefing paper on "pesticide contamination and food safety" - The CSE studies on pesticides in water and soft drinks, pesticides contamination and its health impacts, regulatory apparatus and processes, right to clean water and the industrial use of water.

It is well known that farmers of Orissa are not the ‘privileged ones’. What is not known, albeit, is the fact that their plight is all set to worsen, that too drastically. A recent study by researchers from the Orissa University of Agriculture Technology