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At least 35 people died of malaria in 1983 in Nadiad taluka of Gujarat's Kheda district. The Malaria Research Centre, with V P Sharma as director, began its work on bioenvironmental control here.

Each scientists work was rated in accordance with the following criteria

Bioenvironmental control of malaria involves a lot of simple measures that have several dimensions

V RAMALINGASWAMI (Chairperson of The Jury) national research professor, and emeritus professor at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), and president, National Institute of Immunology, New

I n 1996-97, the government of India claims that it spent Rs 333.8 crore on protection and sustainable use of the environment. Our research shows that in 1998-99, the government spent some Rs 474.81

India spends very little on Science for Ecological Security. And then spends it poorly

Down To Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment announce the winner of the 2001 Green Scientist Award. In the exercise to rate the efforts of India's environmental scientists, the study shows some alarming facts. Firstly, that the Indian governme

• The 11th Planning Commission has directed the Karnataka government to focus on ways to encourage the herbal medicine sector. At least 55 per cent of the medicinal plants that have been

the film title Harvesting Hunger chills one to the bones and the film itself is a despondent tale of the agricultural scenario in the country. "It is apprehended that millions may go hungry in

About 830 million people around the world have not got sufficient food to eat because of natural disasters, armed conflicts and poverty, says the United Nations World Food Programme. "From generation