PANJIM: In a major violation, one-third of operational mining leases in Goa are operated by raising contractors, many of whom are politicians.

Goa Foundation, in a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed before Bombay High Court at Goa has pointed out that over 30 operational mining leases in Goa are operated by persons or companies other than the lessee.

Forest dept assuages farmers’ concerns regarding ecologically-sensitive zone tag

It will be curtains on resorts around the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, with people in the forest fringes, including elected representatives, raising objections.
The meeting with the locals to discuss the notification of ecologically sensitive zone (ESZ) around the tiger reserve has unanimously decided to put an end to the resort menace, while the existing resorts will not be allowed to expand.

CBI investigators are yet to pinpoint the source from where iron ore was mined illegally in Karnataka in the Obulapuram Mining Company case.

Resolves to fight graft with several legislations in first address after illness; Mum on retail row

Agartala: Tripura has sought Rs.440 crore from the Central government to undertake livelihood schemes for thousands of tribals who will get title deeds in the state under the Forest Rights Act, Chi

Member of the National Land Reforms Council P.V.

Agartala: The autonomous Tripura Forest Development and Plantation Corporation has decided to encourage bamboo cultivation and medicinal plant and rare herb plantations besides rubber, officials sa

In an attempt to put an end to the illegal resorts mushrooming around the fringes of Bandipur tiger reserve (BTR), the Union Ministry for Environment and For­ests (MoEF) has directed the State Fore

Delhi Assembly committee to send detailed recommendation to Sheila

PANJIM: In a major setback to the mining industry, Shah Commission during their first round of investigations is learnt to have found that 90 percent of the mines in the state have some kind of illegalities.

Sources stated that Shah Commission’s senior members Justice R A Mehta and U V Singh reprimanded Chief Wildlife Warden Dr Shashi Kumar and Director of Mines and Geology Arvind Lolienkar on the illegalities, which were allowed to be continue by authorities.