Orangutans are being driven out of their habitat by the forest fires in Indonesia

In the summer of 1995, the hills of Pauri Garhwal and Kumaon were witness to extensive forest fires. The conflagration decimated a massive forest area and at the same time, underscored the total

From the time it was formed during 1991-92, Project Elephant has not done much by way of conserving either the elephant or its habitat. At least one elephant is still killed every day, according to

The hopes and aspirations of 1,200 adivasis were reduced to ashes on January 25 this year, when a fire devastated 121 ha of forest area in Motewadi village situated in the Pune district of

Over 2,500 hectares (ha) of forests in Kerala have been destroyed by fires this summer. Fires are reported to have destroyed extensive acreage in several of the 14 sanctuaries and national parks