Delegates representing more than a hundred

reeling under a total halt to its timber trade after the Supreme Court imposed a ban on all timber-related activities in the Northeast five years ago, the state government of Assam has

CFM brings social and economic prosperity to several village communities

A three tier system has been developed to oversee the management of forests

Community forestry, as it is practiced today, is a result of the government s willingness to learn from its past mistakes. Also, traditional management practices helped the government achieve its goal

The 1993 Forest Act gives exclusive rights to villagers to use and sell forest products without any tax liability

Forest users groups have formed a national level federation to effectively fight for their rights

A government circular aimed at ending commercialisation of forests in the terai affects the hills, too. In the process, it threatens to derail the CFM movement

Despite disputes over commercialisation of forest produce, experts believe the movement will not be derailed. Meanwhile, India can take a lesson or two from its neighbour s success

What distinguishes Nepal s community forest management from India s?