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Setting an example of sorts for the effective afforestation drive, a small village, Chitanu, situated off the Jaipur-Delhi national highway, has successfully implemented the ambitious Village Forest

Southeast Asia must soon put in place a plan to combat future forest fires and choking blaze, which experts estimate have cost the region $4.5 billion in economic losses, the Asian Development Bank

Forest in Punjab would be developed by planting 10,000 hectares of land, 12,000 hectares of private farm land and 500 hectares of land under joint ventures of the government and private

The 'Samriti Van' and 'City Forest' schemes of Haryana Forest Department have started yielding results. The public parks, particularly in the HUDA sectors, are today greater and also the

Brazilian environmental authorities have declared a "red alert" as fires raged toward one of the country's biggest and best preserved Indian reservations. Flames were devouring farmland in central

Trouble ahead: Over thousands of miles, big patches of Alaska's forests are drowning and turning grey as the ground sinks under them and swamp water floods

The risk of a return of severe smog to Southeast Asia has faded, Singapore said on Saturday. "While hot spots will continue to be detected from time to time, the risk of recurrence of a severe or

The Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB), Coimbatore, is providing consultancy service to various organisations on different tree species. According to a communication from the

Doti district administration and the District Forest Office are conducting investigation into illegal logging in the forest of Chatiwan village in the district of Nepal. About 22 thousand cubic feet

Southeast Asian nations appealed to the international community to quickly release millions of dollars in stalled financial aid for fighting fires of the kind that recently spread a haze across the