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THE verdant Nordic forests are proving a big moneyspinner for the region's large pulp and paper conglomerates, Almost all the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian producers, together accounting for

As the global demand for paper rockets, forests in the Asia Pacific are being targeted for paper plantations

Villagers in Nepal flummox experts by 'reading' satellite images

Dwindling forest covers are the ugly fallout for countries which had opted for projects funded by the IMF and the World Bank. The latter's careless attitude has incurred the wrath of environmentalists

Does rural fuelwood use and more generally rural biomass use cause forest degradation? This question has been debated in scientific and policy circles. The author presents a framework for defining degradation and sustainable use of forests that might help clarify some of the confusion.

Firms owned by the Indonesian government will have a 49 per cent stake in 2 forest concessions of Barito Pacific Timber, according to an agreement reached in September between the government and the

FOR some time now, international funding agencies have been at pains to show that they are concerned about the environmental and social aspects of the policies they promote. Very often, such concern

THE 1980s witnessed an unprecedented burst of writing on the forests of Amazonia. This book stands out in this motley crowd for its scholarly treatment of a subject that is voluminously documented,

An inaccessible forest region on the Laos Vietnam border may be home to animals and birds not found anywhere else in the world

Ever since van panchayat forests were created, officials have eyed them greedily