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Four Greenpeace activists who boarded the shipment of ancient Canadian rainforest timber and pulp were served with an injunction to prevent them from holding up the ship, the 'Saga Wind', run by Saga

The trial of 18 environmentalists arrested on June 24, 1997 for blockading the clearcut logging operations of International Rainforests Products on King Island in the Great Bear Rainforest begins

The Orissa high court has settled the three-month-old controversy over the sale of kendu leaf in favour of the state-owned Orissa Forest Development Corporation (OFDC). On Tuesday, the court

Plantation companies which claimed ownership of thousands of acres in their advertisements for attracting investors are finding the going tough as many states in the country do not permit companies

The World Bank team which visited Jabalpur for appraisal of projects under social forestry scheme has expressed its satisfaction over the progress made so far in implementation of the scheme.

The World Bank has approved of a $39-million equivalent credit to the Union Government for a Kerala forestry

The House committee on sale of forest banjar land in erstwhile Mahboobabad taluk of Warangal district directed the chief engineer, Sriram sagar project and the special collector, land acquisition to

While Greenpeace activists continue to occupy a shipment of ancient Canadian rainforest timber and pulp in Greenock harbour, near Glasgow, as part of an international campaign to save the world's

The Mukerji panel, set up by the ministry of environment & forests to review the afforestation policy and recommend measures for the rehabilitation of wastelands, has called for a cut in the Reserve

The World Bank on Wednesday announced a $ 39 million credit for a forestry project in Kerala aimed at increasing forest products and preserving biodiversity in the State. A PTI report from Washington