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Signalling a dramatic shift in purchasing decisions, the third UK company in three months has announced that it will no longer buy clearcut rainforest products from British Columbia. Greenpeace

Indian Forest Service probations, currently undergoing training at the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy at Dehradune, will get a unique opportunity to interact with retired forest officials from

Greenpeace will appeal to UK companies and consumers to boycott timber from Canada's province of British Columbia. The environmentalist organisation contends that the sustained felling of old forests

Senior officers of the Forest Department have said that private parties should step forward in the field of plantation for improving the environment. The Forest officers expressed this view while

The Kerala Forest Research Institute(KFRI) here is planning to register with the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) 15 "very good" clones of eucalyptus it has developed through a

Thick smoke from dozens of raging forest fires blanketed this city in eastern Borneo island on Saturday, threatening animals and humans alike. Wildlife officers said they had found the charred

The Assam government has proposed to reopen the 44 plywood factories of the state, lying closed since December 1996 on a phased manner by re-locating them under specific zones, state industries

New fires have broken out in a national park in East Kalimantan, as rainmaking operations began in the province that has seen forest and bush fires raging for months, a witness and officials said on

The forests are ablaze again in East Kalimantan, part of Indonesian Borneo. As a result, the poisonous smog which cloaked a large area of South East Asia last year may return sooner than had been

Political and military leaders from Cambodia and Vietnam are involved in large-scale illegal logging that threatens to destroy Cambodia's forests, a British environmental group said on Thursday.