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Controversy dogged the issue of a forest convention at the meeting of the Commission for Sustainable Development

Monitoring the effect of rising carbon dioxide (CO) concentrations and climatic changes on Europe's forests is the aim of a collaborative project across eight European countries and Australia. The

The latest UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report highlights the sorry plight of the world's forests. According to the State of the World's Forests 1997, an estimated 11.3 million

A new soil conservation programme in Bhutan is in the pipeline after a recent assessment revealed that there is no proper scheme to regenerate degraded forests in this mountain kingdom. The project

Of all the community forests being developed in Nepal's 57 districts, the forest region of Dang district is being fast developed as a model for community forestry. About a total of 27,000 families

Recent studies say deforestation figures in west Africa have been exaggerated by Northern agencies

In its search for a strategy for afforestation, a laudable goal in itself, the Madhya Pradesh mp government has once again put its foot in its mouth and buckled down unduly to commercial lobbies.

Current conservation policies have done more harm than good

private sector participation in forestry projects will only be allowed in degraded and denuded forest lands. The recently approved Approach Paper to the Ninth Five Year Plan (1997-2002) says that the concept of privatisation of forest areas was not conducive in the Indian context and would therefore, not be encouraged in forest resource management.

a large tract of central America's remaining rainforest is under threat from a road in the remote south of Belize. The construction of the road might lead to the clearing of the entire forest