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Allegations by Bihar minister Sonadhari Singh of illegal mining in Chotanagpur has stirred up a hornets' nest.

Widespread damage to pine forests near Dharmsala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh has prompted the Chaneta village panchayat to pass a resolution urging the government to halt resin tapping

Cheluvi, Girish Karnad's film on a young woman who could change herself at will into a champak tree, contains an effective environmental message.

The North and South disagree on classifying logged timber.

THIS RESOURCE guide to environmental action by women's groups and communities in the Asian Pacific region offers an excellent introduction to the issues involved, addressing all readers and not just

The Japanese passion for golf is on a new course. Since 1987, 20 districts covering 32,000 sq km were earmarked for resort development. The total area covered by the resorts will eventually touch

Accurate tiger census methodology assumes significance in the context of the recent controversy over the declining number of tigers in the Indian sub continent. And counting pugs is the easiest and cheapest method of tiger census.

Forest officials are confronted with the spread of a weed that stifles tree growth but is useful for making baskets.

As the result of the ban on ivory trading, elephants are overbreeding, creating problems such as the destruction of forest land.

VILLAGERS in Uttara Kannada district are waging a battle against Karnataka Forest Department officials who are allowing contractors to fell trees in the betta lands -- tracts of forests sanctioned