The discovery in Colombia of a giant species of fossil snake is news in itself. But a wider, more controversial inference to be drawn is that tropical climate in the past was not buffered from global warming.

By Jonathan Amos, The New York Times

Spectacular fossil forests have been found in the coal mines of Illinois by a US-UK team of researchers...

The group reported one discovery last year, but has since identified a further five examples. The ancient vegetation

The rich and famous frequently change the medium they use to make a statement. If today it is a collection of Impressionist masters, tomorrow it can be a large family of adopted children collected from different cultures. Displaying a definite taste for the bizarre, moneyed collectors are now flocking fossil auctions like never before. In April, a 65-million-year-old Triceratops

For the first time, scientists have discovered dinosaur footprints made some 150 million years ago on the bedrock of the Arabian Peninsula. Found near the village of Mdar in Yemen, these

Scientists have discovered the tracks of a herd of 11 long-necked sauropods walking along a coastal mudflat in what is now the Republic of Yemen, the first discovery of dinosaur footprints on the Arabian peninsula. Sauropods, the largest land animals in earth's history, walked on four stout legs and ate plants. "The nice thing is we finally filled in a bit of a blank spot in the dinosaur map," said Anne Schulp, a palaeontologist at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, who worked on the study.

discovery of a giant frog in Madagascar has challenged certain geological assumptions. The frog's (Beelzebufo ampigna) presence there lends credence to the contested theory that there was a land

A fossilised jawbone and teeth found in a cave in northern Spain may have belonged to one of the first human ancestors to set foot in western Europe.

Climate change drove woolly mammoths to the edge of extinction and then humans finished them off, according to a Spanish study that adds to the debate over the demise of the Ice Age behemoths. Using climate models and fossil remains, the researchers determined that warming temperatures had so shrunk the mammoths' habitat that when humans entered their territory about 6,000 years ago the species were already hanging by a thread.

THE Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's Golden Jubilee Museum located in Dehra Dun is a big hit with schoolchildren and tourists.