Budgetary Support Likely To Rise Incrementally & As Share Of GDP
Subhash Narayan & Rajeev Jayaswal NEW DELHI

HERE are some likely Budget numbers: the exchequer

In many spheres, technologies that can affect major savings are already at hand. The Integrated Energy Policy prepared by the Planning Commission estimates that India can generate negawatts

Brazil wants historic emissions to be the basis for greenhouse gas pollution targets, slated for discussion during December climate talks in Copenhagen, Brazil's top climate negotiator said in an interview.

India is now spending over 2.6 percent of its gross domestic product to adapt to climate change, says the country's annual Economic Survey, tabled in parliament Thursday by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

Dr Muhammad Rashid, Director General Agricultural (Research) asked agricultural scientists to develop new technology to increase water-use efficiency. He stated this while addressing a seminar on Research Activities and the Achievements of the Agronomic Research Institute, Faisalabad. He said that water was the most precious resource, so it should be used efficiently and economically.

President Felipe Calder

The World Bank on Monday estimated economic growth in developing countries of 1.2 percent this year, and said that without China and India, output would shrink 1.6 percent. Amid the worst global financial and economic crisis in seven decades, the multilateral institution eight days ago lowered its outlook on global growth, to a contraction of 3.0 percent this year.

Greater Dhaka has been a major engine of growth and prosperity in Bangladesh, representing more than 40% of Bangladesh's national GDP. This rapidly growing city of 12 million inhabitants has also emerged as a major hub for over 7000 small and medium scale industries.

Punjab has to use available water resources more productively under the motto 'more crop per drop', as the productivity of water used in agriculture has declined in the past three decades while it would not be easy to increase its supply through physical means.

Experts of International Labour Organisation (ILO) on Monday said Bangladesh would not face any major crisis due to global recession in terms of job cut and GDP growth although the world is facing economic challenges due to global meltdown.