the release of toxic emissions by chemical, paint and other polluting industries in the Ranga Reddy district of Andhra Pradesh is leading to serious genetic disor

Researchers try' to uncover the role of diseases and disease causing organisms in evolution

The last battleground of the Vietnam war is still marked by strife. A generation after chasing off the Americans, Vietnam is putting up with what may be called its

Bone marrow transplantation shows promise of curing patients afflicted with sickle cell disease

Heterochromatin, a gene regulator, could be crucial for curing genetic defects

A rare genetic defect has been found to cause high blood pressure. The gene is responsible for making an enzyme that converts the stress hormone cortisol into inactive cortisone. Paul Stewart and

HUMAN genetic defects are suddenly at a premium. A deal between Genset, a research company based in Paris, and the Chinese government allows the former to wade through scores of genetic

Cytocell, a biotech firm from Oxfordshire, UK, has developed a simple, safe and reliable test that uses foetal blood cells that leak through the placenta into the mother's circulation, to

GOING by the recent experiences in the patent market, some scientists have expressed concern about the entry of us- based Progene Inc to set up genetic testing centres in the country diagnosing

A gene that determines coat colours in mice and affects cellular calcium might hold valuable clues to understanding human ailments like obesity