European agriculture ministers have decided that organic food can be labelled

on may 9, 2007, the department of Animal Husbandry of Andhra Pradesh said cattle deaths reported from a few parts in the state could have been caused by toxics from Bt cotton. The department

A leading specialist on biological farming in Australia recently accused the country's top scientific body throwing him out because he had voiced his opposition to genetically modified (gm) crops.

the Supreme Court has permitted conditional field trials of genetically modified (gm) crops approved by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (geac) in 2006. The anti-gm lobby in India,

The Central Information Commission has directed the department of biotechnology (dbt) to make public data of tests on genetically modified (gm) crops. The directive came on April 13, 2007, in

on february 28, 2007, the us department of agriculture (usda) gave preliminary draft approval to a biotech company to plant genetically modified rice to produce human proteins, amidst fears about its

Mahyco pays Mahyco was made to pay Rs 2 crore to farmers as compensation following complaints of Bt cotton crop failure in Dharmapuri and Salem districts in Tamil Nadu. At least 4,000 farmers were

the us environment agency recently slapped a fine of us $1.5 million on the agro-giant Syngenta Seeds Inc for selling seed corn that contained a genetically engineered pesticide. On December 21,

the Tamil Nadu government has brought the Bt Cotton seed issue back into focus by banning the sale of seeds from Mahyco over complaints of crop failure in Dharmapuri district. Bt Cotton varieties

sri lanka introduced labelling norms in January 2007 to regulate genetically modified (gm) food. This is the second attempt after 2001 to regulate gm food. Under the new rules, Food (Control of