The heartland of the United States lies within a tectonic plate, certain regions of which have experienced large and geologically recent earthquakes. Explanations for those events are still being sought.

Playing India and China against each other and both of them against the West, Myanmar military ruler General Than Shwe has showcased Asia

Hydrologists and geologists in Kerala have warned that the clumsy plugging of leaks in the 113-year-old Mullaperiyar dam on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu using cement plastering could weaken the structure further.

Conservationists have proposed methods for adapting to climate change that assume species distributions are primarily explained by climate variables. The key idea is to use the understanding of species-climate relationships to map corridors and to identify regions of faunal stability or high species turnover.

London: The Earth is much younger than previously thought, a new study has suggested.

In view of surging demands of iron ore in India as well as in neighbouring countries, Assam and Meghalaya should pitch in for better prospecting and also come up with policies which would bring in much needed focus on the mineral.

The absence of any systematic study by Indian or foreign scientists has left sufficient room for wide and wild speculation on the probable causes of high incidence of cancer in parts of Punjab

The scourge of Malwa

Resentment prevails among the river engineers here over the persistent pressure from a powerful lobby in the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for use of geo-bags to resist Brahmaputra erosion in Palasbari-Gumi and Dibrugarh. It needs mention here that the State Government is working on a scheme to protect Palasbari, Bankuwal (Kaziranga) and Dibrugarh town with an ADB loan.

Mumbai: It came before the dinosaurs. It existed on this planet 350 million years ago, and survived for almost 80 million years before it became extinct. On Saturday, it will be back from the dead