New Delhi: China has firstmover advantage but India stands to gain hugely in Afghanistan if its apparently huge mineral deposits are ready to be tapped. As reports spread about Afghanistan

Several evidences show that during the 2004 Sumatra Andaman earthquake, the rupture in the Andaman region did not extend up to the trench. Consistent with the earthquake processes at several subduction zones of the world,

Ice Loss Started In Early 20th Century And Accelerated Over The Last Three Decades, Say Researchers

Washington: Arctic sea ice is at its record low in the recent geologic history, a major international study has claimed. The first comprehensive history of Arctic ice, carried out by a team of scientists from five countries, found that the recent retreat is the worst in thousands of years.

A magnitude 6.4 quake struck east of Andaman Islands and triggered a local tsunami warning, the US Geological Survey and Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported on Tuesday.

The USGS said the quake struck at 1:21 a.m. on Tuesday (1951 GMT on Monday) 75 miles (120 km) east of Port Blair at a depth of 79.4 miles (127.7 km).

We report here an attempt to develop a Database Management System (DBMS) of bio-geo-hydrometeorological parameters needs of the stakeholders
of local level planning for a representative watershed (viz. the Khulgad in Almora district) of Kumaun, Lesser Himalayan terrain in the Uttarakhand. The Khulgad DBMS is constituted of five Geographic Information System (GIS) modules.

The area around Kunwari Pass in Central Himalayas is the source of a number of streams that include Dhaknala, Karmanasa, Patalganga, Belakuchi and Garurganga. The first is the tributary of Dhauliganga whereas the rest drain into Alaknanda. These streams are known for the devastation they have caused in the past, due to the flash floods that followed blockade of these streams due to landslides.

Increased erosion associated with the rise of the world's great mountain ranges has been held to be the cause of a prolonged episode of past climate cooling. That connection is now brought into doubt.

This new report by HFP warns that Hindu-Kush Himalaya region, the so-called Third Pole is a


Chinese scientists claimed to have identified a landform left by glacial erosion at least two million years ago on the QinghaiTibet Plateau.

The erosion, on the southeast edge of the plateau and bordering the western provinces of Gansu and Sichuan, started two million to three million years ago

The 6.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred north of the Andaman Islands on March 30 is yet another confirmation that this particular region will continue to be source of severe earthquakes, says a leading Indian geologist.