Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS) is situated in the Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh. In around 1993-1994, the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, after a thorough study found this forest to be a suitable habitat for the relocation of the Asiatic lion, now confined to the range of about 1800 sq kms of the Gir forest, its only current habitat in the world.

Rajkot: Just when the tourists season begins in Gir Sanctuary the

Project Tiger Official Supports Plan To Relocate Some Gir Lions

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Ahmedabad: The state forest department has decided to have one more zone for effective monitoring of wild life sanctuaries in the state. This will be which will be the north Gujarat zone

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Gandhinagar: The forest department has finally woken up. To strengthen their informer network and also to get more tip-offs about illegal activities in and around various sanctuaries in the state, the department has proposed incentives for informers.

Say Animals Not Straying Out Of Gir, But Returning To Their Original Habitat
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Ahmedabad: Nearly five generations later, the King of the Jungle is reclaiming ancestral land! The Asiatic lion

Gandhinagar: Gujarat Wild Life Advisory Board has in a unanimous resolution demanded funds from the Central government for lion conservation. The resolution, taken in a meeting on Monday, demanded that the Centre should take up lion conservation on the lines of Project Tiger.
The board in the resolution also said the Centre has been neglecting the lion conservation programme. Chief Minister Narendra Modi also called on the board members to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and make a representation to allocate funds for lion conservation.

GANDHINAGAR: If you are in the Gir forests to watch the Asiatic lion, don

Indian safari seems to have come of age, with Taj Hotels, ITC and Leisure Hotels scouting for properties to promote high-end tours Ravi Teja Sharma NEW DELHI THE wildlife lodges segment has caught the fancy of hospitality companies. While Taj Safaris, a JV between Taj Hotels and CC Africa, has opened two luxury wildlife resorts in Madhya Pradesh, Leisure Hotels, which has a large presence in Uttarakhand, is now entering the wildlife lodges segment with a lodge to boot in Madhya Pradesh.

In what appears to be the fallout of infighting to gain pride control, a lion cub's carcass was found from Dudhala Nes area of Raydi range of Gir (West) on Monday morning, by a team of forest officials. With the process of dispersal at its peak, show of strength for control of territory as well as pride is a common occurrence among male lions of different prides.