Civil society cannot distance itself from the phenomenon of right wing parties finding their way to the top in Europe

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recently anno

Australia inks pact with the US outside the Kyoto Protocol

Lack of enthusiasm marks the preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development

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A long awaited breakthrough has been made with a decision to establish the first secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty System in Argentina, 40 years after the treaty came into force. A blocking veto

Nations manage to resuscitate the Kyoto Protocol by a watered down agreement

High political drama marks climate negotiations as the European Union strives to ratify the Kyoto protocol without the US, world"s biggest polluter

A historical chance to get rid of some of the most toxic substances known to humans

at least 120 countries have agreed to become signatories to a un treaty banning or restricting the use of 12 toxic chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants ( pop s). The treaty,