1996 1997 the hottest year in history

Given proper economic policies that fuel technological change, the world can rapidly switch over from fossil fuels to solar energy. In that case, global warming would be minimal, and alarmist predictions on climate change would appear to be absurd

Global politics took an upper hand over planetary ecology in Kyoto

For 10 days in Kyoto the world saw highly moral arguments put forward by world leaders to save the planet. But behind all those arguments was murky national self interest.

With developed countries doing little to restrict global warming, a ray of hope comes from the development of favourable technologies

Walden Bello , co director, Focus on the Global South, a research institute in Thailand, has done extensive work on the East Asia Miracle Paradigm. Author of several books, Bello is associated with Greenp

Asian countries voice concern over the irresponsible attitude of the North in reduction of greenhouse gases

European governments are looking forward to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. Although the US wants to follow suit, it has some apprehensions

Changes in the weather patterns due to El Ni o have resulted in a flood of natural disasters across the globe. Agriculture is the worst hit

There is no preparedness in India against El Ni o, the Indian government does not even have an action plan