The West fears that its efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions would be unproductive if the developing world did not follow suit

AS THE earth grows warmer, the battle between insurance and energy industries is heating up. The insurance executives have teamed up with international climate change experts. Around 60 big

The origin of greenhouse gas emissions is an important issue in relation to the need for devising policy options to minimise potential global climate change and its impacts. The best known of the

The diaolgue continues on how to free the earth from the clutches of greenhouse emissions

North Americans have literally had to face some very rough weather this year After having dealt with a sweltering summer with sky rocketing temperatures, they have just rubbed shoulder with the blizzard of the century! What could be the culprit behind t

RISING temperatures have left an indelible mark on the frozen continent - 8,000 sq km of ice sheets hundreds of metres thick have been lost in the past 50 years - as the mercury in this

As global temperatures seethe, the earth is no more a cool haven

Ice sheets in western Greenland have become thicker by about two m in the last 10 years. Kenneth jezek and his colleagues from the Ohio State University, contend that each year adds

THE best clues to the ongoing global warming debate can be had from the world's glaciers. Ice is melting at a much faster rate in the Alpine region since the '80s causing concern for

Higher temperatures the world over do not just result in rising sea levels. According to a recent report produced by scientists from 50 countries, global warming has endangered even human health