• Kochi has been selected as one of the centres for a major study, undertaken by the US-based Oakridge National Laboratory, to measure the phenomenon of global warming. • An

A voyage into space for a three dimensional monitoring of the polluted environment

Over the next 50 years, harvests of staple crops like rice, maize and wheat may be reduced by one- third due to global warming. This has been revealed by a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

australians are the worst greenhouse gas (ghg) polluters in the industrialised world, a new analysis shows. Every Australian is responsible for 27.6 tonnes of ghg emitted, while every

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels not only will put the brakes on global warming, but would also benefit public health, according to an international

New evidence shows some plantations could actually increase global warming

Another report lambastes the theory of land carbon sinks

Global warming has led to rise in tick borne encephalitis cases

China cuts down its carbon dioxide emissions

The US rejection of the Kyoto Protocol would be disastrous for Maldives, said Mohamed Khaleel, director of environmental affairs in the country's environment ministry. "It is a matter of life and