ACCORDING to a survey in Australia, opinion is divided among businessmen about the hardline stance of Prime Minister John Howard on greenhouse gas emissions. The survey conducted by the Australian

But can the nations likely to be most affected by global warming the Maldives and Bangladesh impose trade sanctions on the us?

Even as symptoms of global warming are emerging around the world, a treaty to check emissions of greenhouse gases is facing stiff opposition from industries and employment agencies in the US,

A study uncovers an unlikely possible perpetrator of global warming lightning

environmental commitments made by most nations at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, five years ago, have remained on paper even as carbon dio

the latest spinoff of the much-debated phenomenon of global warming is a bank account which aims to help combat the climatic problem. The Dutch-based Triodos Bank recently launched the Earth Saver

Issues in which the economic interests of industrialised countries coincide with their ecological interests are acceptable in the UN; the rest is usually a sham

A NEW finding by the scientists of the New Delhi-based Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) brings good tidings for Indian farmers. High levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the

SPECULATION is on about the effect of global warming on fish production. The world's marine population is, as it is, subjugate to various factors such as water temperature, salinity, ocean currents,

FINANCIAL planners in insurance companies across the world hold their breath as the world leaders squabble over new cuts in greenhouse gas emissions at the Berlin Climate Convention Summit. The