record temperatures are being fore

The BP Amoco investment makes great market sense. But it is not clear if the world is sensible enough to move to more sustainable options

Summer is only just setting in. And already there are reports of deaths in Orissa due to a heat wave

As Russia signs the Kyoto protocol, positive action against global warming seems on the anvil

The 25 km long Gangotri glacier, fountainhead of the Ganga, is receding at an average 18 metres annually

As the glaciers recede, the frequency of natural hazards such as floods and cloudbursts will increase

Himalayan glaciers, source of water for the innumerable rivers that flow across the Indo-Gangetic plains, are receding. And that too at a phenomenal rate. As they continue to recede, incidents of landslides, changes in river regimes and floods will increa

Landfill sites can assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

A switch in the species of phytoplankton dominating the Southern Ocean off Antarctica could accele

the Clinton administration is hoping to spend an extra us $4 billion in the year 2000 to combat the threat of global warming. The proposal, which will be included in the president's 2000