Noble gases trapped in ice cores are used to show that the mean global ocean temperature increased by 2.6 degrees Celsius over the last glacial transition and is closely correlated with Antarctic temperature.

2017 was the second-hottest year on record according to Nasa data, and was the hottest year without the short-term warming influence of an El Niño event:

Scientists are engaged in a race against time to breed staple crops that can both survive climate change and yield bigger harvests. Their aim is to feed a growing population in a warming world.

NEW DELHI: Your favourite sweet, Chocolate, could disappear in another 30 years and the reason is none other than climate change.

Over a quarter of the world's land could become significantly drier even if global warming is limited to the target of two degree Celsius, according to scientists including one of Indian origin.

Chocolate could reportedly vanish as early as 2050.

In the first study to predict whether different populations of the same plant species can adapt to climate change, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology find that Centr

Changes in human behavior in response to climate change, such as installing solar panels or insulating homes, alter greenhouse gas emissions.

A study has found that humidity will make it too hot for people to work outdoors and in some cases, even survive.

An increase of just 2°C (3.6°F) in global temperatures could make the world considerably drier and more desert-like, new research has warned.