This report, presents the data on the links between water, health and development and the status of drinking water, with actionable recommendations to accelerate access to safe drinking water.

This report highlights the implications of 1.5°C scenarios for the phase-out of fossil fuels and the scale-up to renewables, barriers to transitions and solutions to such challenges, and tools for governments and financial institutions to navigate the current energy crisis while maintaining climate ambition.

This past year has seen massive impacts from climate change: heatwaves and wildfires in India, Europe and the USA; floods in Pakistan, China and Australia; droughts in Europe, East Africa, and North America; intense tropical storms in the central Pacific and North Atlantic.

The COVID-19 crisis brought home the high costs of pandemics, triggering a historic setback in the fight against poverty. It also reinforced the interconnections between people, planet and economy, calling attention to the zoonotic nature of pathogens spilling over from animals to people. To decrease their burden, must focus on prevention.

The off-grid solar (OGS) sector has the potential to increase universal access to energy, alleviate poverty, support economic development, and increase gender equality.

This report takes stock of countries’ latest NDCs and examines how these commitments have evolved since the Paris Agreement entered into force, identifying overall trends and pinpointing the elements where further action is needed.

Many rich countries are using dishonest and misleading accounting to inflate their climate finance contributions to developing countries – in 2020 by as much as 225%, according to investigations by Oxfam.

This is the third edition of the Ecological Threat Report (ETR), which analyses ecological threats in 228 independent states and territories.

This Global status report on physical activity is WHO’s first dedicated global assessment of global progress on country implementation of policy recommendations of the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity (GAPPA) 2018-2030.

This new UN report shows that women’s and children’s health has suffered globally, as the impacts of conflict, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change converge with devastating effects on prospects for children, young people and women.