Although the recently held world population summit emphasised population control in the developing countries as the main block in the path to development, some delegates held the consumption patterns of the developed countries responsible for the problems

Fishery experts say a global system of management is essential to prevent the extinction of the world's fish stocks, even as the number of fishing trawlers increase

A global climate model devised in USA attempts to probe the connection between monsoon variability and increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere

The United Nations Environment Programme, which had previously advanced legal instruments to solve global environmental problems, is now promoting facilitative rather than punitive instruments and approaches

Scientists have created the most realistic model of ocean currents yet and taken another step towards understanding global climate

THERE is more to health policy than just policy for the health sector. But the World Development Report 1993 clearly shows the mandarins -- read health experts -- of the World Bank have trivialised

Union environment minister Kamal Nath talks to Down To Earth about India's environment strategy and the attitude of Western nations towards environmental problems.

Kamal Nath is one of the few Indian ministers to have acquired an international image. He has traversed the globe to attend various environmental conferences and has also played host to several of his foreign counterparts. Nath argues the new found green

The US President reiterates that the one world, one environment theme is the only way to protect the planet.

AL GORE being elected vice-president of the US has delighted environmentalists elsewhere, for unlike his predecessor Dan Quayle, who once spelt potato with an "e" at the end in a schoolroom