Through a review of existing data and literature, this report synthesizes the amount of information and its relative distribution in different fields.

This paper, prepared in support of the Major Economies Forum (MEF) Global Partnership by the International Energy Agency, seeks to inform decision making and prioritisation of RD&D investments and other policies to accelerate low-carbon energy technologies in the MEF and IEA member countries and others by providing three primary sets of information: estimated current levels of public RD&D spendin

This paper focuses on the potential role that large-scale energy storage systems can play in future power systems. The starting point and basis for simulations is the Energy Technology

Current trends in energy supply and use are patently unsustainable

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The IEA, which was established in November 1974, has over the years gained recognition as one of the world

This review provides an overview of the potential for
bioenergy and the challenges associated with its increased
deployment. It discusses opportunities and risks in relation
to resources, technologies, practices, markets and policy. The
aim is to provide insights into the opportunities and required
actions for the development of a sustainable bioenergy

Material flows of the economic cycle can contain toxic substances, which enter the economy as impurities in raw materials or are intentionally added as minor or even main constituents during the manufacture of industrial or consumer goods. Cadmium, predominantly associated with zinc minerals, is a by-product of the primary zinc production.

Over the past two years, the world has seen turmoil in a relatively small segment of the U.S. credit markets morph into a severe global economic and financial crisis.

Different cultures have attributed their spectacular light show to fire breathing dragons, dancing gods and ghostly clans at war.

New research, however, has found that the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are powered by giant electrical tornadoes spinning at more than a million miles an hour and stretching thousands of miles into space.