Despite environmental pressure against the use of chemical fertilisers, the deadly substances continue to be used unabated across the globe. At the end of the 20th century an average of 91 kgs of

UK-based animal welfare group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals has been campaigning against Indian leather, alleging ill-treatment of animals in the slaughter houses here. This has had a great impact on the Indian export with countries like UK and

A dose of political will, backed by communication skills, can help combat infectious diseases

Today, around 36 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. Of these, 11.8 million are children and young people. Half of all new cases of HIV

IS THE world's environment really in crisisor is thecrisis simply in the imagination of environmental groupsresearchers andthe media? In The Skeptical EnvironmentalistBj

The awareness of the looming threat of bioweapons has evoked a serious response from all over the world, except India

Exaggerated reporting about fish catches has painted a false picture of the oceans health

This report presents compelling evidence of the considerable threats the pesticide endosulfan poses to human health and environmental integrity. In light of the evidence presented, it make a number of key recommendations to the World Health

Global warming has resulted in genetic alternations among living beings