global warming is causing a resurgence in mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever across the world. These diseases are spreading from Kenya to New Guinea and South America

CSD has become a stratospheric environment in which no wisdom gets injected from the perspective of the poor

efforts to cut global carbon dioxide ( co 2 ) emissions have not yielded much success. Recent findings indicate that the emission from burning of fossil fuels has continued to increase. The

the Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ) has recently said that low global cereal stocks for a third year in a row could signal an imminent food crisis. This warning comes despite a good

scientists in the us have discovered why Asians often do better at school. Parents and children in Asia think that one has to work hard to do well while those in the West think one must have

global emissions of greenhouse gases may pose serious threats to coral reefs the worldover, warn scientists. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide (co2) are reducing the ability of coral animals to

a list of hazardous wastes that had been compiled in a bid to prevent their export to third world countries is likely to be revised and drawn up afresh. Nearly 100 countries would revise the list

Two Indians figure in the 12 member World Commission on Dams

a report of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (fao) shows that 31 countries faced food emergencies during 1997 as against 25 countries in 1996. The report blames bad weather, poor crops and

Today the Internet gives people a new voice as well the power to use it. People are communicating directly with government officials and community leaders