The 20th century has taught us one thing. Use natural resources in a sustainable way or perish

Scientists say the rise in sea levels in 1998 may have been due to El Ni o

The first truly international space station will soon become a reality

This is a directory which presents information about water harvesters and the work they are doing in different parts of India and abroad. It keeps people informed about water harvesting activities and experiences in different regions. It is a platform in print that helps experts and activists to get in touch with each other.

This directory is divided into two sections - India and International. The first section contains information on environmental health specialists from India, whose names are listed in alphabetical order of the Indian States and Union territories in which their organisations belong. Similar information on international experts, indexed countrywise, is given in the second section.

The meteor "shower" was but a mild drizzle, and it took place 16 hours too early

A global oil crisis is just a decade away, warn geologists

The state is struggling to meet the rising water demand. It is time to learn from the days when people arranged their own water. In cities and in villages. A special report by the CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENT

Rainwater is as usable to the industrialised North as to the underdeveloped South. As important to the poor, rural household as to the gardens and kitchens of the rich. Its value is universal

Rainwater harvesting started in the country in 1989 as a part of an income-generating programme assisted by the International Development Research Centre, Canada. Under the programme, some 500