This study reviews international experience with managing resource revenues in both developed and developing countries. The intent is to assess the scope for using benefit-sharing instruments to spread the benefits of mineral extraction across the economy and catalyze

the report of the working group of the un's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released on April 6, 2007, predicts a bleak future with severe effects in poor countries. Increased water

a new study claims to turn toxic cottonseeds into nutritious dinners for millions of undernourished people across the world. Keerti Rathore, a scientist at the Texas Agricultural Experiment

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An open-access portal to provide information about climate change will soon hit cyberspace. Climate experts who attended a workshop on community-based adaptation to climate change in Dhaka in

a study claims the maximum temperature over the northwestern Himalayas is increasing at a much faster rate than the minimum temperature. Another study claims it is just the opposite for most of the

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Corporate social responsibility (csr) is a theme that engages business, academics, social and environmental activism, politics and media. It has gained increased prominence of late, driven, by a

This report explores ways to incorporate international aviation and maritime shipping in a climate policy regime. Currently, emissions from international transport are not included in climate policy targets under the Kyoto Protocol. One of the reasons is that it is not clear which country should be held accountable for which share of the emissions.

Responding to Japan's appeal, 35 members of the International Whaling Commission (iwc) recently attended the Conference for the Normalization of the International Whaling Commission at Tokyo. Experts