...by encouraging local participation of fisherfolk to arrest overfishing and damage to the eco system

The year 1995 saw a rise of 1.8 per cent in global energy consumption, the highest annual growth rate since 1989 and more than double the average rate of the past five years. The main boost came

Bone marrow transplantation shows promise of curing patients afflicted with sickle cell disease

To study the role of snow and ice in the global watercycle and in the world climatic system, research methods should be further standardized and inform from different region integrated. Representing these field of research, the International Commission on Snow and Ice (ICSI) has already made some guideline studies on the runoff prediction and evaluation.

Robert T Watson of the US got

The Global Water Partnership (gwp) was launched with the first consultative group meeting held in Stockholm on August 9 this year. The idea of the gwp was conceived at the fifth Stockholm Water

With rising awareness regarding the hazards of incinerating waste, a lot of proposals for incinerators have been ruled out in the West and the search for a viable alternative is on

The software giant rides high on the success of Windows 95

:id fatigue' in the West is changing the perception of the development paradigm of the poorer countries

... and also eyes, vegetation, forests, crops, buildings, statues, monuments .... The latest reports of the World Health Organisation show that our cities are becoming like throwbacks to an