India has been quite vocal about its interests at several international environmental conference

A UN body formed almost a year ago is still unable to suggest how to achieve its goal of sustainable development.

An agreement between India and Britain on a global convention on forests has received broad support from other nations.

A new grouping of 20 environment ministers seeks to resolve environmental conflicts without setting agendas

The Group of 77 has enabled developing countries to air their grievances against the powerful North at international fora. But its financial dependence on industrialised countries threatens to curb its role.

ALL THROUGH the second half of the 20th century, whenever Western governments have seen their industries lagging behind globally, they have resorted to updating their technology policies. The result

THE INTERNATIONAL Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) in London has been conducting research on environment- and development-related policy issues for the past 20 years. Policies for a

The finance minister"s targets for restructuring -- lower fiscal deficit, stronger economic recovery and higher exports -- form the core of his latest budget.

The budget seeks to encourage technological change in India, especially in export-oriented industries, and to obtain private funding for government R&D institutes.

HOW IMPORTANT is a chief executive's personality in the way a corporation works? Very, says Matthew Lynn in this book. In a game with billions at stake, it is a rare breed of people who have the