"Biological pollution" threatens biodiversity

high levels of plutonium has been found in sediments at the end of Sellafield nuclear discharge pipeline. It even exceeds plutonium contamination levels found in the sea at Russia's Novaya

The setting up of a task force may streamline and coordinate the various environment related activities of the UN

the environment is an important top-of-the-mind concern, particularly in urban India and China, says an inter

There has been an alarming rise in cases of childhood cancers in the last two decades. According to reports in Environmental Health Perspectives and The Ecologist, this has been attributed to

the population division of the United Nations' (un) economic and social affairs department has recently predicted that the world population may reach nearly 9.4 billion by the year 2050 and

Seafood is a part of the human diet and harvesting of marine species provides a source of income to millions. Products from marine species are used as food additives, animal feed, fertiliser,

health is not only - or even primarily - the concern of doctors and nurses. The community has a major role to play in creating an environment that makes available better health care facilities and

Reemergence of infectious diseases like tuberculosis (TB) is among the major health hazards resulting from increasing globalisation, says a report published by the Institute of Medicine, the medical

Activists are increasingly resorting to attention grabbing techniques to bring development issues into the public domain