However, the Doha declaration does not take a decision on whether countries with insufficient or no manufacturing capacities in the pharmaceutical sector will be allowed to import generic drugs to

The European Union buckles under the pressure of the developing countries to reduce agricultural subsidies

A United Nations report highlights the connection between environment and health

As terrorists arm themselves with biological weapons, India wakes up to find how ill equipped it is to face this deadly reality

The world's first solar-powered aircraft, Helios, has made a world altitude record. It reached 24.7 km, five hours and 16 minutes after its launch from the us navy's Pacific Missile Range

a global network of non-governmental organisations ( ngo s), business associations and scientific institutions has launched the World Council for Renewable Energies ( wcre ), to

A new report paints a grim picture of the world s coastal areas

a global network of marine reserves should be established to halt the alarming decrease in fish stocks, say leading marine scientists. In a

Dolphins, the most playful and beguiling mammals of water, are on the verge of extinction. Awareness programmes will go a long way in preserving the species

Nations finally draft a treaty to combat the use of toxic chemicals like DDT and PCBs, which are known for their damning health effects