Identified a century ago and viciously attacked by pesticides and drugs, the Anopheles mosquito and the malarial parasite still survive to prey on humanity

Environmentalists allege that the European Parliament has sold out to multinational firms by allowing patents on lifeforms

A watchful eyeParents would soon be able to use the Internet to keep an eye on their children at nursery school. A new system called Kindercam can send a colour video image twice a second from a

Twilight zones between two habitats could lead to divergence of species and even originate new ones

The dreaded storm strikes the Pacific and the threat of destruction looms large

IN THE wake of the devastating energy crisis, energy- related issues were catapul- ted onto the geopolitical agenda as one of the main issues affecting the global economy. But as the spot price of

Six years after the International Labour Organizatio6 (ILO) launched the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), reliabloata are still lacking. A recent ILO estimate

SCIENTISTS are not saints. Neither are they modest, nor do they believe in the con cept of loving one's fellow-folk. That, unfortunately, is the impression that one is likely to get after

A new study throws light on many hidden corners of the rapidly degenerating mind

The war of whales goes on. With the whaling season about to begin in the north Atlantic and the north Pacific, leading conservation groups recently urged US President Bill Clinton to take