around 25 per cent of the cotton crops stand damaged in Punjab because of the pest

trial and error: The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee has approved large-scale trial of Bt Brinjal, the first ever genetically modified food crop. This comes on the heel of a latest ASSOCHAM

The temporal and spatial distribution of fruiting forms, their retention and shedding pattern was studied in field-grown Bt cotton hybrids MECH 12, MECH 162 and MECH 184 and their non-Bt (NBt) counter

A growing farm sector, better rural infrastructure and connectivity, skill development, adequate power supply and easy availability of credit would help in the creation of more employment opportunities in the rural non-farm sector and, in turn, enhance the income of farm households. In view of the above, there is a need to focus more on the economic well-being of the farmers, rather than just on production. Socio-economic well-being must be a prime consideration of agricultural policy, besides production and growth.

South Africa's Advertising Standards Authority has ordered Monsanto to withdraw an ad in the widely read You magazine. The full-page magazine advert titled 'Biotechnology -- the true facts', sought

The apex court nod to GM seed trials raises issues. GM seeds: Trial's not yet over

The private sector has become an important supplier of varietal technology in agriculture. This has given rise to concerns about competition in the seed market.

Many crucial scientific questions concerning the health effects of genetic engineering and genetically engineered organisms remain. In this report, the authors identify some of the putative health hazards related to genetically engineered plants used as food or feed. They also identify numerous areas of omitted research, which need urgent investigation.