Illegal variants of GM seeds are threatening the future of cotton in India

Despite the absence of commercial approval for genetically engineered Bt cotton in any Asian country outside China, it is spreading fast.

Dutch scientists have discovered a gene that makes plants resistant to nematodes, and are using it to develop transgenic worm-resistant crops. Every year the world loses about US $100 billion worth

This new report by ETC group is a critique of what OECD countries are calling 'the new bioeconomy'. Analyzes impact of next generation biofuels, burning of biomass for electricity and also sets the new REDD+ provisions in this context.

BT, or soil bacteria bacillus thuringiensis, may have been involved in controversy of late over its use in the genetic modification of brinjal, but the bacteria-produced toxin could help battle roundworm infection worldwide, an article published recently in Nature magazine says.

Jairam Ramesh, the Union minister for environment and forests, has agreed to put Bt brinjal on hold. I believe this is the right and only decision that he could have taken.

Mumbai: In a direct attack on multinationals, noted environmentalist Dr Vandana Shiva blamed these companies for spreading myths about genetically modified (GM) food and said the country's corrupt system helps them.