There is no reason why India should face hunger and malnutrition, and why our farmers should commit suicide. India is blessed with the most fertile soils in the world.

Local doctors are in the eye of a storm swirling for the past three years over whether corn that’s been genetically modified to resist pesticides is a source of prosperity, as companies claim, or o

Nearly 30 organisations sign open letter accusing Scottish environment secretary of taking political decision not based on scientific evidence

Scotland is to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) produce, the country's rural ministry has announced.

The Director of Bio-Safety and Stewardship for Sustainable Agriculture in West Africa, Prof Walter Alhassan says Ghana is following the required procedure for the trial of Genetically Modified Crop

The Federal Government said all is set for a nationwide survey and analysis of suspected genetically modified organisms in the country to guard against any adverse impact on humans and the environm

A genetically modified strain of rice may be good for the environment.

The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) is set to release three varieties of Bt Brinjal this year and two other varieties by next year despite controversies regarding its production a

Scientists are lobbying for approval to commercialise a genetically modified maize variety.

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