LUCKNOW: Gomti, which is considered to be the lifeline of Lucknow and for its citizens, is now in grip of Arsenic contamination.

LUCKNOW: If it was Bhagirath who brought the Ganga on the earth in the mythological era, local 'bhagiraths' are restoring the Gomti to its pristine glory in the villages along the river's course.

Gomti has gone dry in its upper catchment. The river has lost its tributaries in all the districts through which it flows, except in Sitapur where Sarayan and Gon supplement it.

Shyamlal Yadav outlines the national effort to clean the holy river, its history, and what has changed.

The state government's Gomti revival project which follows a three-pronged approach— cleaning of riverbed, strengthening of bank and beautification of surroundings— will be formally launched by chi

The Samajwadi Party government, which allocated Rs.

LUCKNOW: The irrigation department is working on a plan to connect the Gaughat pumping station with a distributary of Sharda Canal near it to draw water during emergency.

Aluminium (Al), an environmentally abundant and immobile element, has been studied for its mobility in the Gomati River Basin, a part of the Ganga Alluvial Plain, northern India. The dissolved Al concentrations in the Gomati River water and the Lucknow groundwater range over three orders of magnitude, from 14 to 77,861 ppb. In the Gomati River water, Al is classified as a moderately mobile element. Nearly 19% of Lucknow groundwater samples and all the Gomati River water samples have Al values above the permissible limit (200 ppb) recommended by the World Health Organization.

Close on the lines of the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad--the drying river was linked with Narmada Canal so that it received water supply--the UP government is planning to feed clean water from Indir

LUCKNOW: More than 300 idols and only two pits for environment friendly disposal.