Past Checks On Other Parameters
One-third of Lucknow drinks water from the river Gomti but it has never been tested whether that water is fit for consumption.

The high court has directed UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) to collect sample of Gomti river's water and furnish the test report before it within a month.

Residents of the city may have benefited from better access to groundwater, but it has also given rise to the threat of arsenic poisoning.

Union Min To Gauge Level Of Pollution In River

Marine Fauna Dying, Offenders Never Held
Some 25 years back, Gomti had a thriving ecosystem which gave the river its special character.

Encroachment And Silting Biggest Problems River Faces

The river Gomti is reeling under multiple ailments which need a multi-pronged treatment.

Water level in the Gomti has been declining constantly with soaring heat.

LUCKNOW: In peak summer, the constantly receding water level of Gomti river has reached a stage where it is now unable to feed the main pumping station responsible to supply to half the city.

Statement of the Minister of Environment and Forests in response to Lok Sabha Starred Question No. 272 for 10 February 2014, asked by Shri Kristappa Nimmala and Shri Nama Nageswara Rao regarding progress made in regard to cleaning of Ganga river in the country under Ganga Action Plan Phase - II.