THIS could be the first major disinvestment the government may undertake after winning the trust vote. According to government sources, it plans to dilute its stake in the two public sector fertiliser companies: Hindustan Fertiliser Corp (HFC) and Fertiliser Corporation of India (FCIL). The companies have been sick for a decade and the government has decided to invite private players to pick up a stake in the company.


LUCKNOW, AUGUST 31: After the state Government

Lucknow: In February last year, the Allahabad high court termed the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis (JE) in the eastern UP "a national emergency'. Coming down heavily of the authorises, Justice Sunil Ambwani expressed displeasure over inadequate remedial measures taken both by the Centre and the state and demanded a prompt damage-control strategy.

Gorakhpur and neighbouring districts in Uttar Pradesh are witnessing acute encephalitis syndrome. Caused by a virus, it can spread easily through food and water. The virus can affect all the organs

Village approaches police to stop cultivation of GM rice

The traditional pottery industry in Aurangabad village in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is not only weathering the onslaught of modernisation but thriving in spite of it.

Vinoba Bhave's demand for banning cow slaughter in Kerala & West Bental and his fast for gaining its acceptance raise three sets of issues; (a) the constitutional and legal basis of the demand, (b) its economic rationale and (c) the political implications and possible consequences. This note examines these issues.

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Pollution and displacement increasingly threaten the life and livelihood-indeed the very existence - of several rural communities. Panchayati Raj can play a very important role in checking this, but this potential has not been adequately realised yet. A lot of work needs to be done to realise this potential of panchayat raj in checking pollution and displacement.

In the course of a visit to about 25 villages located in four districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, the author came across several examples of village communities coming together to fight pollution and displacement. In some cases a leading role has been played by elected village pradhans.

Mills of Gorakhpur grind slowly, but they grind too fine