The Supreme Court (SC) has turned down for immediate consideration, pleas by the Union Government and the state of Gujarat for permission to increase the height of the Narmada dam from the present

THE West Bengal government has been chided by the Union ministry of environment and forests (MEF) for cutting down mangroves over an area of 1,750 ha in the Sunderbans region without procuring

The Supreme Court of India recently directed the Union ministry of environment and forests to enforce the laws prohibiting the use and dumping of banned hazardous substances. The court remarked that

the Supreme Court's (sc) warning to senior officials of the ministry of environment and forests to enforce laws banning industries from using and dumping prohibited noxious chemi

An open nuclear industry would hardly indicate that India has achieved desired safety levels

The latest Gowdaspeak is a draft bill that would restrict people s access to courts to agitate against environmental mismanagement

according to an eminent agricultural scientist, when he

By amending the National Highways Act, Prime Minister Deve Gowda seems to be giving an open charter of exploitation to the building lobby

Grassroot bodies should pressurise the state government to effectively implement the new Act on tribal self rule passed by the Centre

ON OCTOBER 17, two-and-half year old Kanika Agarwal bled to death due to dengue fever. That is nothing new to the citizens of Delhi, who saw close to 300 people (if the government is to be