In its enthusiasm to protect tuskers from being killed, the government has extended the worldwide ban on ivory trade to India as well. Left in the lurch, with no means of livelihood, are the ivory craftspeople

MR BUSH says he will go to Rio as he is now satisfied with the global agreement of climate. Nothing can be a sharper indictment of the climate convention. Whereas the world needs long-term

This directory provides the addresses and names of concerned officers in government departments dealing with India's natural resources.

In the suit filed by the Union of India against Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) filed before the Southern District Court at New York, the presiding judge directed the utilisation of 5 Million Dollars deposited by UCC towards Interim Relief Fund, for affording relief to the victims of the Bhopal Gas Leak disaster through the Indian Red Cross Society.

Supreme Court judgement dated 14/02/1989 on Bhopal Gas Disaster. The Court was of the opinion that the case was fit for an overall settlement between the parties covering all litigations, claims, rights and liabilities related to and arising out of the Disaster.

This Act may be called the Land Acquisition Act, 1894. It extends to the whole of India except (the state of Jammu and Kashmir). It shall come into force on the first day of March 1894.

The Task Force was set up in pursuance of the recommendations of the Indian Board for Wildlife and its standing committee at their meetings held on 9th February 1981 and 1st July 1982, respectively. The term 'wildlife' as globally understood, denotes all uncultivated forms of flora and fauna and has been so construed in this report. The Task Force commenced its deliberations by assessing the current levels of awareness and the degrees of apathy, indeed antipathy towards wildlife among the different sections of the public and endeavoured to determine the causes.

This report examines the adequacy of the existing administrative, legal and institutional arrangements for protecting the environmental aspects.

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01 Nov 2012

Insurance companies, Indian government are the mainstay of the tobacco-driven company

It is fairly well known that ITC Limited, India’s biggest blue-chip company, earns its bread and butter from selling tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars. Its revenue for 2011-12 is a mammoth Rs 36,000 crore (US $7.2 billion) and net profit, Rs 6,162 crore ($1.23 billion).