As monsoons approach the hills of Garhwal, residents of Tehri town face the threat of eviction. If the construction of the dam is on schedule, the residents will have to be evacuated latest by

The Supreme Court has directed "The Commission Management Board' of the Uttar Pradeh government headed by its chief secretary to appear before it and explain why the court's order relating to the

Japan is likely to lift the ban on import of Indian mangoes after India successfully conducted vapour heat treatment to eliminate beetles present in the fruits, said S M Acharya, joint secretary in

The Union government plans to dilute the coastal regulation zone norms

Financial institutions may soon lend a helping hand to the environment sector, says the Indian environment minister

By lowering the price of diesel, the government has compromised on the health, of its citizens

THE draft of the Biological Diversity Act which is soon expected to be tabled in Parliament, is full of loopholes, says Vandana Shiva, director the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and

Is it not sad that the money given by a British middle class woman to Oxfam has to come to India to help Indian NGOs work with India's poor?

THE Union government is reformulating environmental clearance procedures in order to speed up green clearances for projects. Officials in the environment ministry have completed almost 90 per cent of the work. The new procedure is expected to be ready within a month.

IN ORDER to tap the potential of unirrigated lands, the Union government is formulating a new national policy on agriculture. The thrust of the policy will be finalised after discussion with states.