The finance minister's money bag may emerge as the commoner's bete noir

The industry begrudges being left in the dark about the Cabinet s decision to form an environment appellate authority competent to tackle complaints and hearings on developmental projects

The Centre gets absolute authority over the country s rich biodiversity under an MEF draft

The Prime Minister of India, in a rush to roll on the wheel of development, projects himself as an arrogant autocrat. His disregard for all things environmental has invited scathing criticism

Minister of state for environment and forests, Jai Narain Prasad Nishad expresses his views on development alternatives and pressing environmental problems

Responses to the Centre for Science and Environment s statement

In a country so sharply divided between wealth and poverty, luxury and survival, the widening gap between what politicians say and what they do will lead to disaster

Deve Gowda s statement that environmentalists mislead people reveals an attitude which is a serious threat to the environmental movement

Public awareness, clear thinking and practical demands will help us monitor the government and fight for the changes that are needed

The special committee of ministejrs appointed to take care of the Ministry of environment and forests' (MEF) proposal to provide 2.5 million hectares of degraded forest lands to the paper